Essential Equine Quikclenz Foam 32oz

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QuikClenz is a unique blend of natural plant-based cleansers and conditioners designed to effectively clean your horse with a foaming action that penetrates hair follicles, restores skin pH balance, and leaves a lasting shine. Essential Equine Products have mastered the art of combining naturopathic ingredients with pharmaceutical agents to create gentle yet powerful remedies for your horse. This special formula includes cleansers, conditioners, brighteners, and ionic components that not only clean and condition but also repel dirt without leaving any residue. It is easy to use - simply mix 1-4 ounces with water, apply, let sit for 1-2 minutes, and rinse off. For tough spots or heavily soiled areas, the product can be used in stronger concentrations or undiluted. Safe for skin and hair with a balanced pH level similar to baby shampoo. Won't cause tack or saddle slippage. Each gallon provides approximately 30 washes for convenient use as a spray-on horse shampoo solution.

QuickClenz Foam-On Rinse-Off Wash [32 oz] Highlights:

  • Equus Magnificus is a manufacturer that has developed a pH-balanced shampoo with a level of 6.5, similar to baby shampoo. This innovative product not only cleans but also conditions and shines the horse's coat while repelling dirt. The foamer bottle design allows for quick and easy application by attaching to any hose. Despite its deep cleansing properties, this shampoo is gentle on both skin and hair, ensuring it will not cause tack or saddle slippage on horses. Its unique formulation of cleansers guarantees a thorough clean without leaving any residue behind.
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