Ear bonnet -Monaco Noble- Style

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Introducing the Monaco Noble Style Ear Bonnet - your horse's ultimate shield against flies and insects! Made with 100% polyester, this ear bonnet is not only durable but also lightweight for maximum comfort. No more annoying buzzing or biting pests disrupting your horse's concentration during training sessions or competitions.

Designed to fit securely over your horse's head, the Monaco Noble Style Ear Bonnet provides full coverage while allowing ample airflow to keep them cool. The breathable fabric ensures your equine companion remains comfortable even on those hot summer days. Plus, its machine washable feature allows for easy cleaning after each use - simply toss it in at 30 degrees and you're good to go!

With delicate washing being recommended, this ear bonnet retains its shape and vibrant color no matter how often it is used. Suitable for use in the dryer, you'll appreciate the convenience of quick drying when time is of the essence. Give your horse the protection they deserve with our Monaco Noble Style Ear Bonnet - a stylish accessory that safeguards them from pesky flies and insects while keeping them at ease throughout their rides.

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