Bigeloil Topical Pain Relief Ge

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  • Effective rub that heals, refreshes and invigorates
  • Reduces soreness from fatigue or strain
  • Stimulates superficial circulation
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • Made in the usa
| Lou Tuten

My grandmother used this years ago. She had terrible back pain and would ask me to rub it along her lower Spine. It helped her a lot. I now have lower back pain and thought about wat my Grandmother used, I had to really think of the name and when I did I ordered it online. I was surprised to see it was to rub down horses & now Saddles, but I put it on my lower back and it takes care of the pain for me. It’s the same name as
what my Grandmother used.
It works very well and would suggest you try it too! I recommend it! Pour some in a small bowl and use cotton balls to rub on area you need

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