Miracle Mitt Black

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Miracle Mitt Grooming Mitt. THE BEST WASH MITT FOR HORSES: These scrubbing, grooming, and bathing gloves are the best you'll find anywhere! Scrub your horse with only the best horse grooming gloves - you and your horse will appreciate it!
ONE SIZE FITS ALL: No need to worry about finding the right size for you. The Miracle Mitt is sure to fit your hand. It can also be shared between your friends, family, or an entire team of horse groomers.
EASY AND EFFICIENT: One of the most convenient horse bathing supplies! Easily lather up your horse, without excess friction. You can use less soap or shampoo, while still easily lifting dirt and grime from your animal's coat.
WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: The Miracle Mitt can easily be rinsed clean after each use, and will not retain water. You don't need to replace these with another equine wash glove - they are built to las

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