Maul_Butter Mango Effol

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For a butter-soft horse's mouth.
Effol Maul-Butter® serves the well-being of your horse. It promotes the lubricity of the bit so that it lies comfortably in the mouth. This increases the satisfaction of the horse and thus the riding quality (75% *). Horses love the fresh mango taste and can stimulate chewing activity (87.5% *). Even with a sensitive mouth, Effol Maul-Butter® protects like a second skin and cares with zinc oxide and Peru balsam. Allantoin keeps the mouth corners permanently supple. * (Survey results from September 2012).
Application: Generously rub the mouth angles before and after riding with Maul-Butter®. Applied to the bit, Effol Maul-Butter® increases the bit acceptance. Ideal for increasing horse satisfaction and riding quality

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