Happy Horse Hair Repair, Moisturizing Spray For Manes, Tails & Coats, Concentrate

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  • Contains Lanolin – Lanolin is a naturally occurring byproduct of sheep wool, and when applied topically, effectively penetrates the skins surface to moisturize skin and condition hair.
  • Promotes Shine – Contains zero alcohol, silicones or harsh parabens and will achieve a healthy, long lasting shine by nourishing and hydrating manes, tails & coats.
  • Highly Moisturizing – Helps control dandruff, dry or itchy irritated skin and flaking while promoting a healthy, natural shine.
  • Concentrate – Concentrated formula will make up to 1 ready-to-use gallon of moisturizing spray. To dilute, mix 1 part Hair Repair to 8 parts water in a misting spray bottle.
  • When to Use – Prevent dry or flaking skin and dull coats by using after bathing or clipping, during blanketing season to prevent blanket rubs and to repair and prevent brittle, sun bleached hair.
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