Grenades Explosively Strong Gum 5 piece pk

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  • 5 piece pack
  • EXPLOSIVELY STRONG - Grenades is a powerful, explosively intense, sugar-free gum with an icy cool kick unlike anything you've experienced before! It's a mind numbing, brain freezing, sinus shocking experience that you won't soon forget. Grenades Gum doesn't just freshen your breath, it obliterates it.
  • AFTER COFFEE, GARLIC OR FOR FIRST DATES - Grenades Gum is perfect for all types of situations and best used when you're in "close quarters" Or if you're looking for a fun, rush of excitement, then Grenades is perfect for that too.
  • FIVE DIFFERENT INTENSE FLAVORS - From the moment you pop a Grenades gumball into your mouth, you'll feel the powerful, cooling mint sensation explode into a nose tingling, eye watering, mind numbing rush of pure exhilaration! This mint blast lasts up to two minutes and is then followed with a long lasting fruity and minty gum. The Grenades Gum Variety is available in Atomic Peppermint, Super-Uber Mint, Melonberry Slam, Grape Bomb, and Wild Spearmint.
  • VARIOUS BLAST FACTORS - At the top of every bag of Grenades Gum is a Blast Factor meter ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest power level available. Wild Spearmint has a rating of 6, Atomic Peppermint an 8, Melonberry Slam and Grape Bomb with 9, and Super-Uber Mint with a rating of 10. Do you dare?
  • 5 piece pack
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